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Drone Racing goes mainstream.

The last year has seen drone racing go mainstream and with the release of our carbon kit just around the corner, we are taking a look into the sports rise in popularity. So when did it begin and why is it taking off so spectacularly? (no pun intended).It would be hard to specify one individual who is responsible for the creation of Drone Racing but you could be forgiven in saying that Scot Refsland can be seen as a ‘father’ figure of the sport. In 2014, he created a Berkley based group of drone hobbyists - that in one year grew from 10 to a staggering 700 people. While a number of drone hobbyist groups existed before this, Refsland's concentration...

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The Carbon Racing Kit is nearly here!

Since its inception in 2014, drone racing has gone viral. Here at Extreme Fliers, we have recognised this growing popularity and have created our very own Carbon Fibre racing platform. The idea behind the Carbon Fibre Racing Kit was to bring together all the essential equipment to build an affordable FPV starting kit, that is easy to assemble, fun to build and fully customisable. We want users to hack, develop and create their own personalised racing Drone; this starting kit is a platform to do just that. Be the first to see updates, sign up and you get 50% Off  Sign up here  

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Extreme Fliers at The Worlds Fair Nano

The Extreme Fliers Team was at Worlds Fair Nano in San Francisco. The two-day festival filled with technology, futurist talks, art and music was the perfect place to hold our very own Micro Drone building workshop. Attendees were able to receive a workshop session where they were able to build the Micro Drone 3.0 from beginning till flight testing.  The modular build of the drone even allowed the younger generation to get involved and assemble the drone as-well!

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