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World's Smallest Gimbal Drone

Micro Drone 3.0+ is taking itself to a new level. It is the world's first Micro gimbal drone and is truly one of a kind. Our new HD Wi-Fi camera module and gimbal have been designed from the ground up to give you smooth, stable footage in a lightweight package. The Camera’s Wi-Fi module acts as a flying router, creating its own network in the sky! The new 120-degree wide angle lens ensures an even better view of the world as you fly and film. The brand new single-axis mechanical gimbal is the smallest of its kind in the world today, and can be used for two unique purposes – stabilising the video footage as the drone moves and actively aiming...

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Innovation leading The Way

The Drone market is moving faster than ever, the past year has seen hundreds of new entrants flooding the market with products that have similar functions. Key players haven't been able to keep up with the pace of technological change, with 3DR exiting the consumer Drone market and Parrot who have recently laid off a third of it's drone division. There is now a big consolidation, with fast moving start ups breaking through with new innovation and cutting edge technology. Last week we showcased the world's smallest Gimbal that utilises an integrated camera, gimbal, compression engine and WiFi module to deliver smooth aerial shots. It was demonstrated for the first time on the Techcrunch stage and caught the attention of...

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