Top Picks from Instagram

Instagram has provided us with the perfect avenue to engage with the Micro Drone 3.0 community. We love to see all the photos and videos you guys have created with Micro Drone. 

So here are our top #microdrone3 posts: 


You cant go wrong with a compilation. The more Micro Drone the better.

2) @amaresia1

This guy is a true Micro Drone 3.0 enthusiast. Both his pictures and videos of #microdrone3 are exceptional

3) @creating_memories_everyday

The combo box - deconstructed. Very cool.

4) @jamiebeach

Glad to see @jamiebeach expanding his Drone collection with Micro Drone 3.0.


The look of love. Micro Drone 3.0 love. 

6) @sberina_ 

We remember when breading cats was all the rage. Did someone say breading drones? An inventive use for Micro Drone 3.0. #breadingdrone

We will be re-posting our favourite pictures and videos throughout the year. So get hashtagging with #microdrone3. 



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