Carbon Fibre Racing Drone Kit
Carbon Fibre Racing Drone - Micro Drone
Carbon Fibre Racing Drone - Micro Drone
Carbon Fibre Racing Drone - Micro Drone
Carbon Fibre Racing Drone - Micro Drone

Carbon Fibre Racing Drone Kit

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Build, Fly and Race with the Carbon Fibre Racing Kit.

Make a fully custom built Drone for FPV racing.

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High-quality Carbon Fibre airframe plate for lightweight build and high tensile strength.

Remember Airfix models? The kit includes ten snap-and-assemble parts, eight motor holders and two battery cradles. Snap off the parts you need and attach to the frame. The motor holders have ribs to grip the motor and allow heat to dissapate. 

Super fun to build!  


The key for building a high performance racing drone is making it lightweight and with minimal drag. 

For the power you have three battery options:
Use the Micro Drone 3.0 Battery attached using the battery cradle (most easy option)  

Use a "naked" 1 Cell, 3.7v Lithium battery (lightest option). You can choose different sizes from 400mAh - 800mAh. To attach to the flight board, use: 
- 3 Pin Plug (onto the existing flight board pins) 
- JST to 3 Pin Coverter wire
- Solder directly to the + and - terminal, using a micro JST connector

FPV Racing

We recommend using a 5.8GHz analogue camera for real-time, low latency flying, this can be used with a 5.8GHz FPV Goggles, these are widely available from a number of FPV Camera suppliers including 
Banggood.com here
Hobbyrc.com here

1 x Carbon Fibre Racing Kit

  • Carbon Fibre Frame
  • 4 x Motors
  • 4 x Propellers
  • 8.5mm Motor holders
  • Rubber Spacers & Nuts
  • Upgraded 4 pin flight controller


NOTE Check you have these:

  • A Micro Drone 2.0+ or 3.0 Handset
  • Motor wires are fitted with a 3 pin plug, this can be adapted according wether you are using a 3 pin or 4 pin flight controller.   

See the drone in action here

Here's a Step-by-Step Guide on building your own Racing Drone